ChairmanYear on year, students present to their parents the result of their efforts during the past school year reflected on their class grades. How wonderful to see parents having a big smile as they glance on the class card presented by their children. Their pain and sacrifices are well worth it as they saw all the affirmative marks!

It is on this note, that we want to present to you our dear members, our “class card” for 2018 as shown on the following pages of this 2018 Annual Report!

As you may observe, 2018 is a challenging year for the Philippines as evidenced by the soaring inflation rate and many more problems. Despite the government’s commendable efforts, the challenge in creating a better community is very gigantic.

Despite this continuing challenges, Manatal Coop was able to maneuver the rough waters of 2018. For 2018, we posted the peak in term of loan releases and sales, therefore resulting in a more positive tone on our Net Surplus, thereby increasing the Rate of Return on our Share Capital. Our delinquency rate was also at its lowest point. The level of protection we set for our resources makes us sleep at ease. The liquidity rate clearly shows how healthy our cash flow is. Above of it all, our institutional strength is in better position with the other set parameters under the COOP PESOS Standard for Cooperatives. This is truly remarkable and it upbuilds our confidence in the strength of our financial institution.

Wherefore, with pride and honor, we humbly submit our “Class Grade for 2018”. We hope to see your big smiles as you glance at this 2018 Annual Report. You will also behold the reflection of our untiring commitment in finding ways in bringing positive change in the lives many people! As you may observed on page 98 of this Annual Report, we are looking forward for 2019 as new development and benefit programs will be in place to bring more satisfaction to the members and ultimately, create a better community to live in!

To our dear ever-supportive members, thank you so much for continuously inspiring us in all our endeavors towards creating a more progressive and better community. I also commend our dedicated officers and hardworking personnel for keeping with in mind and heart our ultimate goal of financial freedom for all until God’s Kingdom come!

May we always work together guided by our values of Commitment, Honesty, Alertness, Care for Others, Reliability, Accountability, Equity and Responsibility in creating a better and happy community.

With the guidance and blessings from our Grand Creator-Jehovah God, I wish you all a brighter and better future as we embark our journey in life for 2019 and beyond.

Maraming Maraming Salamat Po!